03 Preparing for Change

InVerse / April 15, 2019

Principles for when change comes in life.

As Yourself

The Verse / September 21, 2019

Everyone has different ways of navigating relationships. Watch three storytellers share what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

5. God's Prophetic Timetable

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict / November 01, 2020

In the Bible, there are many prophecies based on time. During this fifth installment, Pastor Finley explains how to interpret these prophecies using the Bible alone, which explains itself. He demonstrates how the Bible does this in the meticulous manner, showing God’s Prophetic Timeline and how relevant it is to us today.

08 Inseparable Love

InVerse / February 15, 2021

04 Power of Discipleship: Bible Study

InVerse / July 20, 2020

How I Lost The Weight

Real Family Talk / December 01, 2019

Maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy lifestyle.

03 Power of Discipleship: Prayer

InVerse / July 13, 2020

03 Jesus' Messages to the Seven Churches

InVerse / January 14, 2019

09 Satan and His Allies

InVerse / February 25, 2019