13 Turning Hearts in the End Time

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What does Bible prophecy have to do with families?

08 The Jerusalem Council

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Delegations from all over the world congregate to resolve a crisis.

Lesson 1: The Letter to the Hebrews and to Us

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Heavy Metal Exchanged for Life

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Timo was on the road to fame as lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. And yet, despite his success, he still wasn’t satisfied. God intervened in his life in a powerful way and today he’s leading many others to a better life.

01 The Gospel From Patmos

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Does the future fill you with fear or curiosity?

01 The Secret of Prophetic Understanding

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Power habits that unleash physical, spiritual, and intellectual ability.

13 "I Make All Things New"

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Lesson 6: For What Nation Is There So great?

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Lesson 11: Deuteronomy In The Later Writings

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