01 You Will Be My Witnesses

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The beginnings of the movement after Christ departed.

07 When Conflicts Arise

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Lesson 2: Inspired History Lesson

Hope Sabbath School / 21 LIKES

Your Questions Answered-Marriage Woes

Real Family Talk / 19 LIKES

What to do to get your spouse to really listen to your conversation.

01 Counter-Cultural

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What scripts do you have surrounding sexuality?

01 — Creation and Fall

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Sunday September 30 - Sabbath October 6

Praying for Love and Friendships

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On this episode of Let’s Pray, we want to Pray for Love and Friendship on a deeper level, understanding that God’s love transcends all. We'll have experts discussing the real meaning of love.

1. An Introduction to the Three Angel's Messages

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict / 17 LIKES

What are the 3 Angel’s Messages of Revelation? This episode answers that question by laying the foundation for this series with a message about the cosmic conflict between Jesus Christ and Satan – a battle Christ has always won.