Seeing God's Guiding Hand

Revival for Mission / 13 LIKES

In this episode of Revival for Mission, Pastor Ted and Nancy Wilson take viewers behind the scenes of how they met, what has influenced them through the years, how they face challenges today, and the wonderful hope they have for the future.

Lesson 10: Remember, Do Not Forget

Hope Sabbath School / 13 LIKES

07 Paul’s First Missionary Journey

InVerse / 12 LIKES

The road trip of all road trips.

06 Images of Unity

InVerse / 12 LIKES

09 The Most Convincing Proof

InVerse / 12 LIKES

07 Keys to Family Unity

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What makes for awesome family relationships?

10 Little Times of Trouble

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Family Feuds.

12 Confinement in Caesarea

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Imagine giving your testimony before governors, presidents and kings.