08 Satan, A Defeated Enemy

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11 Unity in Worship

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13 Final Restoration of Unity

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The Power of Prayer

Revival for Mission / 43 LIKES

At the age of 5, Pavel knew God was calling him to serve Him. Yet as a teen in communist Romania, having a good time with friends became far more important. But God got Pavel's attention and his life took a U-turn. Pavel knows first-hand the power of persistent prayer, as he has seen God move in his own life, and in the lives of others.

04 The First Church Leaders

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What is the purpose of church structure?

05 The Conversion of Paul

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The greatest conversion story of the greatest theologian (outside of Jesus Christ).

Experiencing God's Makeover

Revival for Mission / 37 LIKES

Cami Oetman seemed to have it all as a successful model, photographer and entrepreneur. Yet, something was missing that only God could fill. Learn how God transformed this beautiful young woman into a powerful witness for Him.

07 The Seven Trumpets

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Lesson 3: The Everlasting Covenant

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