09 Education and Sabbath

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How does taking a break make you smarter?

11 Fishers of People

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As unpleasant as it may sometimes be, the church is precisely where Christ wants us to be.

Secret in the Soviet Union

Revival for Mission / 103 VIEWS

Growing up in the former Soviet Union, Galina knew that the illegal activities she was involved with were dangerous. Nevertheless, she continued on, knowing that it could mean the eternal salvation for many.

09 What About Israel?

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Impossible problems with simple solutions.

06 Marital Sexuality: Twoness

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The mathematics of biblical sexuality.

10 Jesus’ Sacrifice and Our Sacrifice

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Transformation is the indication.

11 A Life of Love

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Let's talk about politics and religion.

12 That’s Your Opinion

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How to survive an opinion fight.

13 We Are Family

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What makes a family a family?