The Sermon of Love Between 12,000 Songs

Transformed / 25 VIEWS

We have no idea who, how or even what God will use to encourage us in our spiritual journeys. He uses seemingly ordinary things to show His extraordinary love for us.

05 Career or Calling?

InVerse / 24 VIEWS

08 Marriage

InVerse / 23 VIEWS

We were not created for sexual fulfillment, but to expand the kingdom of God.

The Power of Love

Revival for Mission / 23 VIEWS

Michael Sokupa grew up under apartheid in South Africa. Under the law, he was relegated to the lowest class of society simply because of his skin color. Nevertheless, God showed him his true worth through kindness in unexpected places and eventually the wall of separation “came tumbling down.”

02 Sources of God’s Will (Part 1)

InVerse / 22 VIEWS

Have you ever heard the voice of God?

03 Sources of God’s Will (Part 2)

InVerse / 22 VIEWS

Are there other ways God communicates with us besides the Bible?

07 Friendship

InVerse / 20 VIEWS

10 Family and Children

InVerse / 19 VIEWS

Can we be trusted to nurture the next generation?

Impacting Lives for Eternity

Revival for Mission / 19 VIEWS

When we think of those who have had the most influence on our lives, we often think of a special teacher. Join us tonight Pastor Wilson talks with a teacher who has influenced many young lives for Jesus.