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Prescription for a Prosperous Soul

Higher Ground / 27 VIEWS

We all dread and avoid financial ruin. But, are we as careful to steer clear of spiritual bankruptcy? Dr. Barry Black gives us a prescription to stay spiritually prosperous.

Improving Your Prayer Life

Higher Ground / 23 VIEWS

Learn how to dramatically improve your prayer life through nine simple steps. Join Dr. Barry Black on a journey to Higher Ground!

The Wounded Winner

Higher Ground / 21 VIEWS

Join Barry Black as we reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and the assurance it gives us that our sins have been completely forgiven.

God and Healing

Higher Ground / 19 VIEWS

God wants His people to experience health and healing.

Live Above the Crowd

Higher Ground / 18 VIEWS

Does living an outstanding life seem like a pretty tall order? Join Barry Black as he shows us how we're all capable of it.

Surviving Through Prayer

Higher Ground / 14 VIEWS

Join Dr. Barry Black on Higher Ground! Learn to persevere with God in prayer, believing you will receive from His abundant storehouse and He will reward your faithful requests.

Found Faithful

Higher Ground / 13 VIEWS

Join Dr. Barry Black to discover how being faithful will lead you to Higher Ground!

Facing the Future with Praise

Higher Ground / 12 VIEWS

The one thing predicable about life is that it is not always predictable. But it is possible to be content even in the midst of adversity.

Tearing Down Walls

Higher Ground / 11 VIEWS

Join Dr. Barry Black as he helps us to tear down spiritual walls and bring us closer together in unity.