Lesson 9: Turn Their Hearts

Hope Sabbath School / November 21, 2021

Brayleigh's Legacy & Journey's Hope

Transformed / November 21, 2021

The loss of a child is devastating, regardless of age. A parent's dreams and hopes are laid to rest. Yet God our Father can turn heartbreak into a new dawn of hope.

Lesson 8: Choose Life

Hope Sabbath School / November 14, 2021

A Life Transformed

Transformed / November 14, 2021

When we commit our lives to God, things will never be the same! Our outlook on life has changed; lives transformed by Him.

Lesson 7: Law And Grace In Deuteronomy

Hope Sabbath School / November 07, 2021

Finding Their Way

Transformed / November 07, 2021

Navigating one's teenage and young adult years can be complex, shaping us into who we are today. Life's decisions get easier when God is our compass.

Jesus Is Our Peace

Transformed / October 31, 2021

In moments when you're alone, God might feel so far away. Yet it is in the quiet moments we find God's peace.

Lesson 6: For What Nation Is There So great?

Hope Sabbath School / October 31, 2021

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Transformed / October 24, 2021

His mother's death sent Nathan Krause's life into a tailspin. He sought stability in addictive behaviors and a variety of religions, yet he was not truly happy.