Grace, Thankfulness, and Equality: Christ’s Paradoxical Principles of Happiness - Dr. Thomas Luttrell

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Learn about three of Christ’s Paradoxical Principles of Happiness: Grace, Thankfulness, and Equality

Losing Weight after Quarantine - Dr. George Guthrie

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When the quarantine ends, some of us may have a few extra pounds. Watch now to learn how to get to your ideal weight in a natural way.

Back to Normal Life, Responsibly - Beverly and David Sedlacek

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Learn what you can do to help those around you as quarantines ease. Helpful tips on how go back to our normal activities in a responsible way after COVID-19

Lesson 11: The Christian and Work

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The Balance of Holding Loosely

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Balance is needed between holding something too tightly or too loosely. The same goes with our personal plans.

God Restores

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Healing is more than just restoring the physical body. Spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, and mental health are all important for complete healing. Hear how God restores, according to His ways, in this program.

No Condemnation

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God does not forgive us just halfway. There is no condemnation for previous sins. It is a fresh start. A new beginning. A transformation.