Serving God Through Our Talents

Revival for Mission / 103 VIEWS

Carlot Dorvé lost his right arm when he was just a child, but that didn’t stop him from reaching his dreams with God’s help. Meet this remarkable young man and hear him play his trumpet on this episode of Revival for Mission.

Lesson 7: Rest, Relationships, and Healing

Hope Sabbath School / 101 VIEWS

Sunday August 08 - Sabbath August 14

Lesson 8: Comfort My People

Hope Sabbath School / 93 VIEWS

Sunday February 14 - Sabbath February 20

Lesson 6: Playing God

Hope Sabbath School / 86 VIEWS

Sunday January 31 - Sabbath February 6

When God Saves Your Life...

Transformed / 85 VIEWS

A near miss. A close call. A narrow escape. These instances appear like lucky breaks but there's more than meets the eye. Angels are not just characters in storybooks. They are real heavenly beings God has charged with our safety.

Overcoming Obstacles

Transformed / 83 VIEWS

No matter what obstacles are in your path, if you reach out to Jesus, you will be transformed.

Lesson 13: Rebirth of Planet Earth

Hope Sabbath School / 73 VIEWS

Sunday March 21 - Sabbath March 27

Surviving Horrific Situations

Revival for Mission / 70 VIEWS

Few people dig their own graves and survive to tell their story. Phodidias Ndamyumugabe is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Although he lost everything but his life, his story of forgiveness and courage will touch your heart.

Everything Is Possible If It's God's Will

Transformed / 67 VIEWS

In those moments of deep spiritual need and loneliness the transforming love of Christ is there to connect you with the Author of Love.