The Power of God's Word

Revival for Mission / 62 VIEWS

Lesson 12: Messiah—the Desire of All Nations

Hope Sabbath School / 60 VIEWS

Sunday March 14 - Sabbath March 20

Lesson 11: The Christian and Work

Hope Sabbath School / 59 VIEWS

Lesson 4 -Enthronement of the Lamb

Hope Sabbath School / 57 VIEWS

Sunday January 20 - Sabbath January 26

Where God Wants Me to Be

Transformed / 52 VIEWS

While God knows the path our lives will take, we are free to make our own choices. We can decide to let difficult experiences doubt His love for us or we can focus on God through the darkest of times. We can trust Him to place us where He wants us to be.

Never Too Late

Transformed / 51 VIEWS

As long as you have breath, there is hope! It’s never too late to be transformed through a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

Lesson 1 - The Rhythms of Life

Hope Sabbath School / 51 VIEWS

Sunday March 31 - Sabbath April 5

Having A Personal Relationship with God

Revival for Mission / 48 VIEWS

In this episode of Revival for Mission you’ll be encouraged as three young women share their faith and explain why they believe in God.