Lesson 13 - Learning For Eternity

Hope Sabbath School / 28 VIEWS

Sunday December 20 - Sabbath December 26

Lesson 7: Defeat of the Assyrians

Hope Sabbath School / 28 VIEWS

Sunday February 7 - Sabbath February 13

Journey to Freedom

Transformed / 27 VIEWS

You can find freedom in Jesus. It may seem like a long journey, you may experience set-backs, but don’t give up. You can be transformed!

Overcoming Anxiety - Dr. Neil Nedley

Hope at Home / 27 VIEWS

Lesson 10: Doing the Unthinkable: The Suffering Messiah

Hope Sabbath School / 27 VIEWS

Sunday February 28 - Sabbath March 6

Reach Out in Faith

Transformed / 26 VIEWS

When God offers you healing and transformation, don’t resist—reach out in faith. You will be transformed.

Lesson 13 - Turning Hearts In the End Time

Hope Sabbath School / 26 VIEWS

Sunday June 23 -Sabbath June 29

Listening to God’s voice

Revival for Mission / 26 VIEWS

Although it is the best-selling book of all time, the Bible often sits on a shelf, unread. Join us as Nina Atcheson shares how we can have a life filled with meaning and purpose as we bask in the Word of God.

New Beginning

Transformed / 25 VIEWS

With Jesus, you have the sure hope of a new beginning. You can be transformed!