Seven Ways to Stay Happily Married

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How do you stay happily married when it seems that you are not compatible and your relationship is dysfunctional? Join Willie and Elaine as they share seven ways to help your marriage thrive.

Your Questions Answered-Parenting Woes

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Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions about parenting.

Is The Honeymoon Over?

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Assessing your marital relationship to maintain a long-lasting marriage.

Tips for Family in Quarantine - Willie and Elaine Oliver

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Maintain peace and togetherness while stuck at home. Drs. Willie and Elaine Oliver share great tips on how to have great relationships, even in quarantine. Watch now!

Your Q’s Answered – Divorce

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Every marriage has moments of distress, but where is the tipping point to when it becomes divorce?

Domestic Violence and the Family

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Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Katia Reinert talk about the rise in domestic violence during 2020 is staggering. There is no excuse for abuse in the family.

Ministering to Military Families

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Military personnel and their families face unique challenges of prolonged separation and the effects of stress and trauma sustained during deployments. Willie and Elaine Oliver are joined by Navy Chaplain Paul Anderson and his wife Debra to learn what it's like to be a christian family in the military and how we can minister to those families.

Infertility and Miscarriage

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Season Cromwell shares her journey to motherhood through infertility and miscarriage.