8 Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant

InVerse / February 14, 2022

Sign this special contract with God that has amazing benefits.

7 Jesus, the Anchor of the Soul

InVerse / February 07, 2022

A warning to those who are falling away from Christ.

6 Jesus, the Faithful Priest

InVerse / January 31, 2022

Jesus our Intercessor stands between humanity and divinity.

5 Jesus, the Giver of Rest

InVerse / January 24, 2022

Imagine a rest surpassing vacations, relaxation, and leisure.

4 Jesus, Our Faithful Brother

InVerse / January 17, 2022

This sibling is not embarrassed of you: Jesus our older Brother.

3 Jesus, the Promised Son

InVerse / January 10, 2022

Was Jesus only-begotten as like in born or quite unique?

2 The Message of Hebrews

InVerse / January 03, 2022

The whole point of the Letter to the Hebrews is simply Jesus.

1 The Letter to the Hebrews and to Us

InVerse / December 27, 2021

After the initial thrill, how do we keep up with it?

1 Covenants and Sermons

InVerse / September 27, 2021

Deuteronomy unveils a God of relationships, raw emotion, and promises.