Faith and Fear - Episode 5

Cross Connection / 12 VIEWS

Have you ever been really afraid of something? Jesus said that if you have faith, you will not be afraid. Is it really possible?

Finding Joy - Episode 20

Cross Connection / 12 VIEWS

Oleg and Sergio discuss what can bring genuine happiness and real joy to us.

Jesus and the Opposition - Episode 14

Cross Connection / 10 VIEWS

What does it mean to love God and your neighbor as yourself?

The Meaning of the Cross - Episode 17

Cross Connection / 10 VIEWS

What did Jesus accomplish by His death on the cross?

The Birth of Jesus - Episode 3

Cross Connection / 10 VIEWS

What is the real meaning behind Jesus' birth and what can we learn from it?

In Need of Jesus - Episode 2

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

Have you ever had a problem that no one else but Jesus could help you with?

Breakfast by the Sea - Episode 28

Cross Connection / 7 VIEWS

The last words of Jesus in the Gospel of John were Follow Me. So, what does it really mean to follow Jesus?

True Devotion - Episode 16

Cross Connection / 7 VIEWS

What does it take to be a true disciple of Jesus?

Jesus and His Identity - Episode 7

Cross Connection / 6 VIEWS

Only one miracle is recorded in all four Gospels: The Feeding of the 5,000. Why is it so important?