New Beginning

Transformed / 3227 VIEWS

With Jesus, you have the sure hope of a new beginning. You can be transformed!

Episode 5: Jesus The Prophet

Revolutionary / 3083 VIEWS

In Israel, Oleg highlights a prophet who called on his world to change. In NY, Sergio uncovers fascinating connections between this prophet's message and our world today.

Episode 8: Jesus The King

Revolutionary / 2576 VIEWS

The Gospels provide a truly unconventional depiction of their hero as a king. Oleg highlights the shameful and barbaric nature of crucifixion while Sergio explores the impact that a different kind of king can make today.

The Resurrection - Episode 18

Cross Connection / 2401 VIEWS

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And, what difference does it make anyway?

Episode 9: Jesus The Messiah

Revolutionary / 2284 VIEWS

An ancient, previously undiscovered writing, “The War Scroll,” predicts an epic spiritual battle to be led by a mighty spiritual warrior: The Messiah. Oleg and Sergio examine the ancient and modern repercussions of a Messiah no one could have possibly expected.

Understanding Jesus - Episode 8

Cross Connection / 1860 VIEWS

Jesus calls his disciples to believe in him in times of sorrow and in times of happiness. How can we have that unshakable faith?

Songs of Praise - Episode 2

Cross Connection / 1519 VIEWS

In Luke 2, Oleg and Sergio take a closer look at two songs of gratitude that changed the world.

Faith and Fear - Episode 5

Cross Connection / 1414 VIEWS

Have you ever been really afraid of something? Jesus said that if you have faith, you will not be afraid. Is it really possible?

Finding Joy - Episode 20

Cross Connection / 1103 VIEWS

Oleg and Sergio discuss what can bring genuine happiness and real joy to us.