Mary, Mother of Jesus: Burdened Or Blessed?

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Embracing the unexpected: do you see yourself as burdened or blessed?

Daniel: Uncompromising Integrity

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Does the choice to take care of your mind and body make a difference?

Follow Me: Calling The Disciples

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Do I have to be perfect to follow Jesus?

True Worship: Cleansing The Heart's Temple

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Can traditions get in the way of true worship?

Greatest Prophet, Saddest Death: John The Baptist

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Can personal ambition ever get in the way of true heroism?

Purging Prejudice: The Woman at the Well

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Can prejudices blind us to God-given opportunities?

Doing Business for Jesus

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Growing up in idyllic Switzerland, 18-year-old Jesse was ready for far-away adventure and eagerly set off for the Philippines. What happened there changed his life and set him on course of doing business for Jesus--creating a lifestyle center, mission school, and church in Honduras, Hyve International for young professionals, a crowd-sourced international translation endeavor, and more.

Steps of Faith: Jesus Heals Paralytic & Nobleman's Son

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Is a paralyzing circumstance preventing you from becoming whole?

Overcoming Obstacles: Jesus Heals Lunatic & Leper

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How can we push past obstacles that the devil throws our way?