My Beloved Son: The Baptism of Jesus

Hope at Home / 8 VIEWS

Do father-figures make a difference?

A Ministry for All

Revival for Mission / 7 VIEWS

God has a place for everyone. Through Adventist Possibilities Ministries more people than ever before are realizing the beautiful purpose God has for them.

True Worship: Cleansing The Heart's Temple

Hope at Home / 7 VIEWS

Can traditions get in the way of true worship?

"The role of hope in life" - Gamaliel Feliciano, PhD

Hope at Home / 6 VIEWS

What is the role of hope as we deal with anxiety and sadness? How can I promote a life focused on hope? What things should I look for if I want to find my purpose in life? Dr. Gamaliel Feliciano will answer this and other questions about hope.

The wholistic benefits of gratitude - Dr. Juleun Johnson

Hope at Home / 5 VIEWS

Dr. Juleun Johnson will talk about the wholistic benefits of gratitude and how having a grateful mindset impacts our body as well.

It Is Written: The Temptations of Jesus

Hope at Home / 5 VIEWS

What's the best way to overcome temptation?

Now I See: Jesus Heals A Blind Man

Hope at Home / 5 VIEWS

What are you blind to?

"The Spiritual Wholeness Screening. Love, Joy and Peace" - Ted Hamilton, MD

Hope at Home / 4 VIEWS

The Spiritual Wholeness Screening is a mission best practice for providing whole-person care – mind, body and spirit.

Greatest Prophet, Saddest Death: John The Baptist

Hope at Home / 4 VIEWS

Can personal ambition ever get in the way of true heroism?