LP: Mike Tucker | Ministry, Marriage, and Mourning

Let's Pray / 2018 VIEWS

It's been said that we grieve greatly because we have loved greatly. Lifestyle Magazine host, Mike Tucker, joins us to talk about his ministry, his marriage, and loosing the love of his life.

Experiencing Christ’s Love

Transformed / 1986 VIEWS

When you experience the love of Jesus, you will be transformed.

Receptive Heart

Transformed / 1931 VIEWS

If your heart is receptive, God will reach you with His transforming truth.

Praying in the Spirit

Let's Pray / 1685 VIEWS

What does it mean to pray at all times? Today we will talk about Praying in the Spirit and we’re taking your calls live.

Healthy Habits

Let's Pray / 1548 VIEWS

An all-new season of Let's Pray returns. Mario and Season identify good and bad habits and how to implement healthy habits into our lives.

Some Trust in Chariots

Let's Pray / 1544 VIEWS

Are we looking to other things to satisfy our needs? If that is the case, we are heading for a big disappointment. Let us all put our trust in Him, the only source of true fulfillment.

Sharing Hope

Transformed / 1525 VIEWS

Finding encouragement in the transforming message of Salvation can help you share God's love with everyone you meet.

LP: Carmen Hope Thomas | Blind Faith

Let's Pray / 1252 VIEWS

Carmen Thomas went to sleep with a headache and fatigue. The next morning, she woke up completely blind. Listen to her riveting testimony on this episode of Let's Pray!

LP: Season 7 Premiere

Let's Pray / 1144 VIEWS

Anger, fear, worry, frustration, are just some of the emotions that arise when life is weighing in the balance. How can you find peace? On our season premiere, cancer survivors shared their stories of hope and healing.