Discipleship I: Taking Up The Cross - Episode 11

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There are a lot of ideas about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. But Jesus himself had something very interesting to say about that.

The Way of the Cross - Episode 10

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Jesus completed His journey to the Cross and asks us to do the same. What does that mean for our lives?

Hearing and Acting - Episode 9

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How do we not just be hearers of God's Word, but doers?

Kingdom Economics - Episode 21

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What can we learn from Jesus' teaching on wealth and money?

Hypocrisy - Episode 15

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Hypocrisy is everywhere, yet no one likes it. What did Jesus teach about it and how can it be eradicated from our lives?

People at the Cross - Easter Special

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When we look at the scene of the Cross, we tend to focus on Jesus. But what about those that were around Him? What do they reveal?

The Radical Kindgom - Episode 13

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How easy is it to love those who often hurt you? How easy is it to live out the teachings of Jesus?

Jesus' Ministry Begins - Episode 5

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Jesus said he came to preach to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, and free the oppressed. While the religious people rejectd his message then, does our religion reject it today?

Resurrection - Episode 31

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In what ways does Jesus reveal himself to us today?