Anticipation - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 791 VIEWS

Oleg and Sergio begin an all-new season with the Gospel According to Luke.

Where is Your Heart? - Episode 16

Cross Connection / 780 VIEWS

Have you ever been anxious? What if you are anxious because you're trusting in the wrong thing?

Who Is The Greatest? - Episode 11

Cross Connection / 662 VIEWS

We all have the desire to be greater, but what if Jesus wants to turn our understanding of greatness upside down?

Breakfast by the Sea - Episode 28

Cross Connection / 649 VIEWS

The last words of Jesus in the Gospel of John were Follow Me. So, what does it really mean to follow Jesus?

The Beginning of the Good News - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 638 VIEWS

The season premiere of Cross Connection begins with an all-new gospel - The Gospel of Mark.

Jesus and the Opposition - Episode 14

Cross Connection / 633 VIEWS

What does it mean to love God and your neighbor as yourself?

The Meaning of the Cross - Episode 17

Cross Connection / 566 VIEWS

What did Jesus accomplish by His death on the cross?

Seeing Jesus - Episode 9

Cross Connection / 547 VIEWS

Has your perception of Jesus ever changed? Here are four stories in Mark that all deal with seeing Jesus differently.

Jesus Return and Presence - Episode 19

Cross Connection / 486 VIEWS