More Than a Seat On The Bus

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 102 VIEWS

Lesson 7: Rest, Relationships, and Healing

Hope Sabbath School / 101 VIEWS

Sunday August 08 - Sabbath August 14

Importance of Priorities

Stupid Money / 99 VIEWS

Chris and Melissa downsized. Now they live in a home they call, “the happy place”. Living by set priorities will bring peace of mind. Find out what happened when they gave their hearts to Jesus.

To All The World: The Great Commission

Hope at Home / 98 VIEWS

Is anything stopping me from fulfilling Christ's command to take the gospel to all people?

Finding Home Through Homelessness

Revival for Mission / 96 VIEWS

Growing up in a family filled with insurmountable challenges, Tim found himself homeless and hopeless at the age of 17. But God intervened in the life of this teen through a special family who brought Tim into their home and showed him the reality of God’s love.

Episode 2: The Oddball

The Dig / 95 VIEWS

We learn how to excavate dinosaur bones, and some of the team share the struggles they've experienced in reconciling their faith with science.

Five Good Reasons Why There is Suffering, Part 2

Five Good Reasons / 95 VIEWS

What about the question of suffering? How could a good God let it happen? Explore part 2 of the fascinating answer with Pr. Asscherick.

Welcoming Strangers: What Do We Owe Refugees and Migrants?

Global Affairs Today / 94 VIEWS

The world is experiencing a surge in the numbers of people fleeing violence or poverty and this humanitarian crisis has raised many difficult questions. We take a closer look at how faith informs our attitude toward migrants and refugees.

Poor Sleep

Go Healthy For Good! / 93 VIEWS

Insomnia is a nightmare that many are too familiar with. However, it doesn’t have to be part of your life. Dr. Nerida discusses how we can prevent it.