Action of the Faction | Episode 4

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

Peter's transformation is an example of how the Holy Spirit convicts and converts. His spiritual healing leads to the healing of many others.

LP: Victory Day | Overcomers

Let's Pray / 5 VIEWS

Each week we share an inspiring testimony from a special guest. On this episode, we left the guest chair open to our community. We also shared the story about a mission that was sparked by a little girls kindness.

Suffering for the Name | Episode 6

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

As the Apostles work miracles and share the gospel, the temple authorities get jealous and imprison them. Sharing the gospel is not an easy lifestyle, but with the Holy Spirit, its a rewarding one.

Filled with God | Episode 7

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

The Apostles select seven godly men to help with food distribution. Stephen (being filled with the Spirit) was one of those seven. How can we be filled with God to be chosen for His plans?

LP: David Marr | God Is In Control

Let's Pray / 5 VIEWS

David Marr shares his testimony of how God intervened for a medical condition he didn't know was there.

06 "Priority of the Promise"

InVerse / 5 VIEWS

What God says, He will and must do.

07 "Road to Faith"

InVerse / 5 VIEWS

Is faith strict discipline or wishful thinking?

Labeling of Food

Go Healthy For Good! / 5 VIEWS

Americans rely on the FDA to ensure their food supply is safe. However, is the legislation robust enough to ensure that safety is upheld over profits? And should the FDA trust the manufacturer to do the necessary monitoring and testing?

Disciplining Your Child

Speak Up / 5 VIEWS

Have you experienced child abuse? Or are you being too harsh on your kids? Find out how culture may influence your parenting skills, and explore some biblical principles that will surely help you.