02 The Definitions of the Covenant

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Let's examine the fine print of the covenants.

08 “Under Law” vs. “Under Grace”

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How do you feel about God's law?

04 Incredible Sex

InVerse / 360 VIEWS

Everything that God created is good, including sexuality.

03 One of Two Gifts

InVerse / 350 VIEWS

Singleness is also a gift from God.

Saying Yes to God

Revival for Mission / 349 VIEWS

Does God hear us when we pray? Do miracles still happen today? In this episode of Revival for Mission, Gina Wahlen shares amazing experiences from South Sudan, the Grand Tetons, and the former Soviet Union illustrating how God has miraculously intervened in her life.

Experiencing God's Makeover

Revival for Mission / 338 VIEWS

Cami Oetman seemed to have it all as a successful model, photographer and entrepreneur. Yet, something was missing that only God could fill. Learn how God transformed this beautiful young woman into a powerful witness for Him.

A Boy Named Samuel

Revival for Mission / 337 VIEWS

Samuel was supposed to be a diplomat, according to his father. But his mother named him Samuel and dedicated him to be a pastor. See how God worked in the life of this young man, guiding him on a fascinating journey to where he is today on this episode of Revival for Mission.

04 The Gospel of Moses

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Same God. Same Gospel.

1 Covenants and Sermons

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Deuteronomy unveils a God of relationships, raw emotion, and promises.