Lesson 8 - Leaning About Redemption

Hope Sabbath School / 7 LIKES

Sunday November 15 - Sabbath November 21

03 Knowing God as Redeemer

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What does it mean when you say you're saved?

05 Unselfishness and True Development

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What is beyond calculus?

08 Education and Faith

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Faith leads us to surrender our weakness for God's strength and our ignorance for His wisdom.

04 Abraham and Faith

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08 Inseparable Love

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Unearthing The Past

Revival for Mission / 7 LIKES

Was David and Goliath a real story or just a myth? What about other people and places in the Bible—are they really historical or just make believe? In this episode of Revival for Mission, Dr. Michael Hasel, a world-renown archeologist, shows how archeology provides evidence for what we believe today.

06 The Two Covenants

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Experience true liberty even as you keep the law.

08 “Under Law” vs. “Under Grace”

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How do you feel about God's law?