Sharing Our Faith with Others

Revival for Mission / 6 LIKES

As Christians, why should we share our faith with others, and how can we share in winsome ways? Join us as Dan Serns gives a behind-the-scenes peek into his exciting life of witnessing for Jesus.

2. A Moment of Destiny

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict / 6 LIKES

The world has reached its moment of destiny, as society faces extreme uncertainty where it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. Mark Finley sheds light on the certainty of where we are and where the world is headed.

02 Goal of Discipleship

InVerse / 6 LIKES

Five Good Reasons to Believe God Is Good

Five Good Reasons / 6 LIKES

"God is good!" Is it true? Discover how God draws people to Himself without force or coercion, just love.

Five Good Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Death

Five Good Reasons / 6 LIKES

For all of humanity's existence, death has been the one inescapable equalizer. But what if you didn't have to be afraid of it?

Five Good Reasons Not to Be Religious

Five Good Reasons / 6 LIKES

Don't be religious? An interesting proposition, coming from a preacher...

Five Good Reasons to Be Nervous About the Church

Five Good Reasons / 6 LIKES

Jesus himself predicted that Christianity would be infected with false ideas in the last days. How then, can can we know what is true? Watch now to find out!

A Mission for Life

Revival for Mission / 6 LIKES

Joy always had an interest in healthy living, but little did she realize how God would use that interest to help bring a better life to thousands of people in far-away places. Learn more during this episode of Revival for Mission!