Depression & Spirituality

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Is depression a chemical imbalance or a state of sadness? Psychologist Dr. Julian Melgosa will help us better understand when to seek professional help if feeling depressed.

Lesson 13- Journey To Rome

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Lesson 3 - Sabbath: A Day of Freedom

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Sunday July 14 - Sabbath July 20


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What do you think when I say the word "game"? You probably imagine being with friends and family having fun! And you're right. Nowadays, with apps and devices, technology is finding a way to turn healthy living into a game. Watch this Episode

Adventist Advantage

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Increase your life expectancy!

04 — The Key to Unity

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Opening Program

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Welcome to Celebration of Hope in Asheville, North Carolina! Discover how your support of Hope Channel is changing lives every day!

Lesson 6 - The Royal Love Song.

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Sunday May 5 - Sabbath May 11

Improving Your Self-Esteem

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Through mass media, we consume ideas of how women should be, what they should do, and how they should look like. On this episode, discover your true beauty!