Lesson 10- Unity In Broken Relationships

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Sunday December 2 - Sabbath December 9

Domestic Violence

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Based on reports from 10 countries, up to 95% of women who have been physically abused by their partners, have never sought help from non-governmental organizations, shelters or the police. However, it's not too late, help is available! Watch.

Infant Nutrition

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Newborn babies need special care and high quality nourishment. While infant formulas are designed to mimic the nutritional components of breast milk, they can never duplicate the array of essential nutrients and benefits of human breast milk. Watch.

Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are small, hard mineral deposits that form inside the kidneys. They can be very painful, but don't usually cause long term damage. But they do recur. So how does a stone form? What makes it happen? How can you get rid of them? Watch.

Vitamin D

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Can a vegetarian diet provide adequate vitamin D?

Parkinson's Disease

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It's still not clear what causes Parkinson's Disease. Pesticide, herbicide or heavy metal exposure can set you up for it. And the other half of the story may be genetics. Over time a critical area of the brain degenerates. The disease is progressive.

Managing Relapse

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Some say relapse is part of recovery. Yet it matters not how many times one falls but how many times one gets up. In this episode of Unhooked, the topic of managing relapse is discussed, along with positive ways to help the addict through relapse.

Psychoactive Drugs

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Hallucinations. Psychosis. Loss of contact with reality. In this episode of Unhooked, the possible effects of psychoactive drugs are examined.

Digestive Health

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During the 20th century there have been major shifts in the incidence and types of disorders of the digestive tract and it accounts for 10% of all deaths in the US, with increasing risk as you age. So what can be causing all this dysfunction?