Sex Addictions (For Men)

Unhooked / 1788 VIEWS

Created to express love between husband and wife, sex has been degraded to damage marriages and is a currency for unhealthy behaviors. Experts provide useful suggestions to move from inappropriate sexual activity to establish more positive behaviors.

Promises Fulfilled

Let's Pray / 1782 VIEWS

Last week we left Mary right after she was told by an angel that she would conceive unconventially and give birth to King Jesus. Her response was recorded in Luke 1:38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. Next we find her visiting family, and she’s greeted with our focus for today.

Faith That Moves Mountains - Episode 25

Cross Connection / 1778 VIEWS

Jesus talked about a faith that can move mountains. Today, we do too.

Fitness That Works

Go Healthy For Good! / 1767 VIEWS

A lack of exercise is the fourth most common cause of death worldwide. Sean Foy shares with Dr. Nerida how everyone can get exercise into their day.

Praying for Wellness

Let's Pray / 1749 VIEWS

On this episode of Let's Pray, we’ll be Praying for Wellness. Dr. Angeline David will be sharing her advice on how to obtain and maintain optimal physical and mental health, and explain the connection between health and prayer.

Daniel: Uncompromising Integrity

Hope at Home / 1741 VIEWS

Does the choice to take care of your mind and body make a difference?

Praying Redemption and Favor

Let's Pray / 1740 VIEWS

Do we serve a God Who redeems and favors His children? This is our topic for tonight. Remember, we are here to pray with you and bring your petitions to the Lord.

It Is Written: The Temptations of Jesus

Hope at Home / 1737 VIEWS

What's the best way to overcome temptation?