01 "Paul:  Apostle to the Gentiles"

InVerse / 14 VIEWS

Who was this man named Paul?

Human Like You | Episode 3

Cross Connection / 14 VIEWS

Paul and Barnabas heal a crippled man in Lystra and are faced with man's greatest temptation. Oleg, Sergio, and the gang discuss the importance of strength in partnership.

Strokes & Neuroplasticity

Go Healthy For Good! / 14 VIEWS

Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. Yet 80% of strokes are preventable with weight loss, physical activity, a healthy diet and not smoking or drinking. Find out how much the brain can recover after a stroke.

13 Christian Living

InVerse / 14 VIEWS

Romans 14-15: How small things add to the big question of salvation

LP: S8E11 | Let's Stay Married

Let's Pray / 14 VIEWS

The institution of marriage is a reflection of the Trinity - Husband, Wife, and God. How do married couples maintain their vows and reflect God's love in the process?

Coming to Jesus

Transformed / 14 VIEWS

Don’t let your success hinder you from coming to Jesus. Be transformed! Christ wants bless you beyond your greatest hopes and dreams.

Lesson 8 - Caring For the Least of These

Hope Sabbath School / 14 VIEWS

Sunday August 18 - Sabbath August 24

Lesson 3 - God's Call

Hope Sabbath School / 14 VIEWS

Sunday October 13 - Sabbath October 19

Lesson 6 - Reading the Word of God

Hope Sabbath School / 14 VIEWS

Sunday November 3 - Saturday November 9