Lesson 12 - Learning To Experience the Sabbath

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Sunday December 13 - Sabbath December 19

Lesson 5: The stranger in your gates

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Lesson 7: Law And Grace In Deuteronomy

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Lesson 2: The Message of Hebrews — An Overview

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CC: Season's Greetings - The Genealogy of the King

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CC begins its first Christmas special with an out-of-the-box topic: Matthew's genealogy of Jesus. What does a dry list of names reveal about the coming King? As it turns out, much more than you think.

Breakfast by the Sea - Episode 28

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The last words of Jesus in the Gospel of John were Follow Me. So, what does it really mean to follow Jesus?

The Valley of Dry Bones - Episode 3

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Can you find vitality in a bottle or cream? The secret can actually be found in a valley of dry bones.

Go Healthy... For Good! Stress

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You can protect yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects. Go Healthy...for Good! is here to help you identify those symptoms and to show you practical ways to alleviate the problem.

Creation Q & A (1st Qtr 2013)

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Dr. Tim Standish answer the question: Why are you so sure that God cares for us?