Five Good Reasons to Believe God Is Good

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"God is good!" Is it true? Discover how God draws people to Himself without force or coercion, just love.

Lesson 5-Learning From Jesus, The Master Teacher

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Sunday October 25- Sabbath October 31

Lesson 11 - Learning To Work

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Sunday December 6 - Sabbath December 12

Lesson 13: The New Covenant Life

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Sunday June 20 - Sabbath June 26

"Advent and the People of God" - Episode 2

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If you met a hero, would you know it? The Jews of the Old Testament were longing for a messiah, but when he finally came they didn't recognize him. On Cross Connections, learn how to recognize messiah.

The Mystery of the Parables (Part 2) - Episode 19

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Why doesn't God end evil? The answer may not be as straight-forward as we would like it to be, but the answer is in Jesus' parables.

Jesus' Apocalyptic Prophecy - Episode 33

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The signs Jesus gives in Matthew 24 look very scary at first glance. But were they meant to inspire more than just fear? Today we take a look at this often-misunderstood text.

In Need of Jesus - Episode 2

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Have you ever had a problem that no one else but Jesus could help you with?

Jesus and Disciples - Episode 4

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Jesus said that all sins will be forgiven except for one. What is that sin that will not be forgiven?