Lesson 2 - Crisis in Eden (1st Qtr 2016)

Hope Sabbath School / 3 VIEWS

Lesson 6 - Resting in Christ (2nd Qtr 2016)

Hope Sabbath School / 3 VIEWS

Nutrition Facts - Part 2

Go Healthy For Good! / 3 VIEWS

What foods should be part of your daily diet?

The Fall

Table Talk / 3 VIEWS

All of us are a product of the fall of humanity. We’ve been injected with a self-centered disease and mistrust of God. Click now to watch Jeffrey Rosario, David Asscherick, Ty Gibson, and James Rafferty as they start a new unscripted series on the big ideas of christianity. What is Perfection? Have pleasures been hijacked? What were we made for? Bring a Bible and listen in. Let yourself dare to think.

Discovery of HIV

Go Healthy For Good! / 3 VIEWS

Join us as we interview Dr. Robert Gallo, who co-discovered that HIV was the cause of AIDS, developed the HIV blood test and who currently directs ongoing HIV research.

08 "From Slaves to Heirs"

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

It's not about trying harder, but knowing deeper.