Understanding Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy is often used instead of medication in dealing with mental health issues. It doesn't need a "black-box" warning. It doesn't cause side effects, like weight gain, nausea, sexual dysfunction or sleep disturbance. Discover how to use it!

Coming to Jesus

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Don’t let your success hinder you from coming to Jesus. Be transformed! Christ wants bless you beyond your greatest hopes and dreams.

Lesson 7 - The Keys to Family Unity

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Sunday May 12 - Sabbath May 18

Lesson 2 - The Origin and Nature of the Bible

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Sunday April 5 - Sabbath April 11

God--The Greatest Neuroscientist

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Dr. Jan Cabungcal is a top neuroscientist working at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Raised by his grandparents in the Philippines, at age 11 he joined his parents in Europe, where he later studied neuroscience. Dr. Jan’s work was greatly enriched after attending life-changing meetings in Bern, and today he has a passion for igniting a spirit of revival and mission among the youth of Europe.

Preventive Foot Health - SS

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Lung Cancer

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How to prevent lung cancer?

Why Opposites Attract

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We're just so different! Join Willie and Elaine as they share the secrets to how couples who describe themselves as opposites can maintain a healthy marriage relationship.

When Illness Joins the Family

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Unfortunately whether physical or mental, Illness is natural but unwelcome part of life. But how can we cope with it? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss the challenges, dynamics and realities that families face when a loved one faces an illness or health challenge.