Please Pass Me Your Pie

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 1738 VIEWS

Moses: The Sabbath Secret

Hope at Home / 1729 VIEWS

In a world where we are enslaved to the things around us, how can we find true freedom?

Three Polemic Parables - Episode 30

Cross Connection / 1727 VIEWS

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God will be given to those who bear fruit. But what type of fruit do we need to bear? Join us as we search the scriptures and become amazed at the incredible answer!

The Game of Exclusion

Higher Ground / 1726 VIEWS

Dr. Barry Black shows us how to avoid the exclusion game, and to live our lives according to God’s plan.

Discovery of HIV

Go Healthy For Good! / 1725 VIEWS

Join us as we interview Dr. Robert Gallo, who co-discovered that HIV was the cause of AIDS, developed the HIV blood test and who currently directs ongoing HIV research.

Suffering for the Name | Episode 6

Cross Connection / 1722 VIEWS

As the Apostles work miracles and share the gospel, the temple authorities get jealous and imprison them. Sharing the gospel is not an easy lifestyle, but with the Holy Spirit, its a rewarding one.

06 The Sealed People of God

InVerse / 1721 VIEWS

Double Negatives And Scrambled Signals

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 1711 VIEWS