Lesson 3 - "That They May All Be One"

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Sunday October 14 - Sabbath October 20

Hot Flashes & More

Go Healthy For Good! / 6877 VIEWS

Typically when menopause comes, it may also bring some discomfort. Find out what you can do to bypass those symptoms.

Freedom In Christ

Transformed / 6817 VIEWS

The transforming love of Christ can reach you wherever you are, even if you're living in a hole in the ground.


Go Healthy For Good! / 6815 VIEWS

More than 25 million Americans have gallstones and one million receive that diagnosis every year. Though only 2% complain of symptoms each. Find out why this is such a common problem and what you can do to avoid gallstones.

Personal Connection

Transformed / 6791 VIEWS

When you experience a personal connection with Jesus, your priorities change and your life is transformed.

Overcoming Obstacles: Jesus Heals Lunatic & Leper

Hope at Home / 6729 VIEWS

How can we push past obstacles that the devil throws our way?


Go Healthy For Good! / 6724 VIEWS

Every 2 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world is having a stroke. Some strokes are silent, or mild, but some are severe, and will kill one person every 10 seconds. Learn more on how to recover after having a stroke.

Lesson 3- Life In the Early Church

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Sunday July 15 - Sabbath July 21

Herbicide in Food

Go Healthy For Good! / 6693 VIEWS

More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the United States and each year, another 2,000 are added. While relatively few chemicals are thought to pose a significant risk to human health, which are they? Find out on this episode!