The Beginning of the Good News - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 2843 VIEWS

The season premiere of Cross Connection begins with an all-new gospel - The Gospel of Mark.

LP: Thanksgiving Special

Let's Pray / 2831 VIEWS

On this episode, we heard several stories from individuals in our community who shared testimonies about God's providence, His healing power, or answered prayer. Pastor Franklin and Season also reflected on the blessings of the year.

Episode for December 18, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 2800 VIEWS

Why celebrate if Jesus wasn't born Dec 25? Idolatrous Christmas trees? Why include Joseph's genealogy? 3 wise men? When they came. What happened to the gold?

Being a missionary - I Will Go - Millie Castillo and Ronald Kuhn

Hope at Home / 2775 VIEWS

Millie Castillo and Ronald Kuhn will tell us how it is to be a missionary and hear from them some experiences in the mission field.

The Armor of God

Let's Pray / 2765 VIEWS

We begin a new series on the Armor of God, and we are so excited to dive into this amazing portion of Scripture with you. Over the next five weeks, we will parse each piece of the armor, but tonight we will discuss an overview of the spiritual warfare in which the Bible tells us we are participating.

Praying to Understand God's Will

Let's Pray / 2763 VIEWS

Sometimes we start making plans about what we want to do with our lives and where we want to go without asking God’s will. Today we are going to learn how prayer is a process, not an event, and how God uses our failures to show us His blessings.

Unexpected Tumbles

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2744 VIEWS

Episode for November 20, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 2738 VIEWS

Does God love mean Christians? Why is Jesus the Son of Man? Is working on Sabbath ok? What's Armageddon? Slavery in the Bible? Is God unmerciful to unbelievers?