Go Healthy... For Good! Energy Drinks

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The average American drinks 1 pound of added sugar each week in soft drinks alone. But those drinks may have a dark side too. On this show we explore just what we are drinking and why.

The Church of Sardis - Episode 5

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Was Martin Luther foretold in the Bible?

Early Childhood Education

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Scientists have learned that a toddler's brain develops over one hundred trillion synapses. The more synapses formed, the more you learn! Watch, as we explore how you can maximize your child's potential for a life of success.

Tobacco Public Policy

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Cigarette companies are dependent on underage smoking. Almost 90 percent of all regular smokers begin smoking at or before age 18, and almost every smoker tried their first cigarette...in childhood! Let's DO something about it!

Lesson 1 - Jesus, Creator of Heaven & Earth (1st Qtr 2013)

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Did our world come into existence on its own or was there a Master Designer? This week, Pastor Derek and the HSS team examine the beginnings of our world.

Nurturing Fun and Friendship in Marriage

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Do you wish you could have more fun in your marriage but can't afford to take an extravagant vacation together? In this episode, Willie and Elaine Oliver give tips and ideas on how to make your spouse your best friend, without breaking the bank.

Creation Q & A (1st Qtr 2013)

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Dr. Tim Standish answers the question: Are there different types of evolution and can you explain them?

Growing Great Kids

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In a recent survey, 1,500 children were asked, “What makes families happy?” Over 90% gave the same answer. It wasn’t a big house or lots of money. What was it?