Lesson 6 - Why Is Interpretation Needed?

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Sunday May 3 - Sabbath May 9

Lesson 10 - The Bible As History

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Sunday May 31 - Sabbath June 6

Lesson 3 - The Word of God As Our Teacher

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Sunday October 11 - Sabbath October 17

"The Sermon on the Mount: Money and Stress" - Episode 8

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It seems that the bills never stop coming to the mailbox. You pay one, and it's back before you know it. Paired with stress, these are perhaps the two topics that worry most people. Yet, 2000 years before our time, Jesus had important words on thi

The New Birth - Episode 4

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Have you ever been born from above? Do we even know what that means? Join the CC team as they explore what it really means.

Feeding the Crowd and Walking on the Sea - Episode 9

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Do you remember the darkest time of your life? When suddenly the wind gets up and the sea becomes rough. But if you listen, through the roar of the waves and the wind, you may hear the voice that says, I am with you - don't be afraid.

Jesus and His Identity - Episode 7

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Only one miracle is recorded in all four Gospels: The Feeding of the 5,000. Why is it so important?

Seeing Jesus - Episode 9

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Has your perception of Jesus ever changed? Here are four stories in Mark that all deal with seeing Jesus differently.

Interpretations All the Way Down

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You say poTAto, I say POtato. Can both pronunciations be correct? When it comes to life, how do we know if we are correctly interpreting life or are we just sharing our mixed up opinion of thoughts and ideas?