14 "Boasting in the Cross"

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What does Cross actually change in our lives?

Attention Deficit Disorder

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ADHD is on the rise. More parents are seeking medication for their children. Perhaps we're getting better at diagnosing it. Or are we over-diagnosing it? The diagnosis criteria have not changed. So what's driving the increase? Find out on this show!

01 — Creation and Fall

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Sunday September 30 - Sabbath October 6

Praying for Love and Friendships

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On this episode of Let’s Pray, we want to Pray for Love and Friendship on a deeper level, understanding that God’s love transcends all. We'll have experts discussing the real meaning of love.

Lesson 9 - Ministering To Others in the New Testament

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Sunday August 25 - Sabbath August 31

Episode 1: Arrival

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People from around the world gather in the wilderness of Wyoming to spend a month discovering dinosaur bones together. Some unwelcome wildlife joins camp.

Lesson 9 - Creation: Genesis As a Foundation

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Sunday May 24 - Sabbath May 30

Lesson 2 -Winsome Witness: The Power of Personal Testimony

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Sunday July 5 - Sabbath July 11

Lesson 4 -Prayer Power: Interceding for Others

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Sunday July 19 - Sabbath July 25