04 Worthy Is The Lamb

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Episode for January 8, 2020

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What does the Bible say about psychics? Secret rapture? Will children be saved? How can God be loving when he told the Israelites to kill? Who do we pray to?

05 End Time Accountability

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One scary word that every relationship needs.

"The Spiritual Wholeness Screening. Love, Joy and Peace" - Ted Hamilton, MD

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The Spiritual Wholeness Screening is a mission best practice for providing whole-person care – mind, body and spirit.

On The Way With Jesus - Episode 12

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What does it mean to really follow Jesus?

Make Your Voice Heard In Heaven - Part 2

Let's Pray / 1300 VIEWS

What does praying fearlessly mean? How can we make our voices heard in Heaven? We are continuing our series with our distinguished guest Barry Black, the 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate.

Internal Transformation - Episode 14

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Change can only really happen from the inside out. So what did Jesus say about internal transformation?

09 Satan and His Allies

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