03 Radical Faithfulness

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

A challenge to a generation full of malaise and apathy.

07 A Church in Crisis

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

How does God deal with His unfaithful bride?

Light Through Darkness

Revival for Mission / 11 VIEWS

Martin Luther changed the world when he famously nailed the 95 theses of Biblical truth onto the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This one man's bold life of faithfulness serves as an example to us all of how to live a life of conviction and truth.

Facing the Wall

Let's Pray / 11 VIEWS

It is a relief to find hope when we are up against challenging circumstances. Knowing that God is by our side, fighting and breaking walls.

Lesson 8 - Leaning About Redemption

Hope Sabbath School / 11 VIEWS

Sunday November 15 - Sabbath November 21

02 Knowing God as Creator

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

Have you discerned what you were made for?

Honoring Your Parents

Real Family Talk / 11 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk to two families about their lessons as they take care of their aging while taking care of their children.

Follow Me: Calling The Disciples

Hope at Home / 11 VIEWS

Do I have to be perfect to follow Jesus?