05 The Seven Seals

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Have you been conquered by the gospel message?

03 Preparing for Change

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Principles for when change comes in life.

Lesson 12 - A Message Worth Sharing

Hope Sabbath School / 14 LIKES

Sunday September 13 - Sabbath September 19

Lesson 9 - The Church As a Place of Learning

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Sunday November 22 - Sabbath November 28

Lesson 1: Crisis Of Identity

Hope Sabbath School / 14 LIKES

The Unanswered Prayer of Jesus - Episode 22

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What if I told you that Jesus prayed a prayer that has still not been answered? Join us as we take a closer look at the prayer of Jesus hours before the crucifixion.

Destiny of the Disciples - Episode 6

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Does becoming a follower of Jesus mean that your life will be easy? What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

The Demarcation Problem

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What is science? And why does everything seem to get grouped under the heading of “science?” The lines get a bit fuzzy as you look closer. In this program, Cliff explains “The Demarcation Problem.”

Matthew 24, Part 2 - Episode 3

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Some people call it, "The All of it Discourse." Others consider it,"The Reader's Digest Condensed Version of Daniel and Revelation." Today you just might call it, "Spectacular!"