06 The Two Covenants

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Experience true liberty even as you keep the law.

03 One of Two Gifts

InVerse / 31833 VIEWS

Singleness is also a gift from God.

03 Two Eras – One Message

InVerse / 31830 VIEWS

The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God.

07 Old vs. New

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Same content. Different experience.

Overcoming Obstacles

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No matter what obstacles are in your path, if you reach out to Jesus, you will be transformed.

10 No Longer Under a Tutor

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God's law does not change, but how we relate to it can.

05 The “War Zone” of the Covenants

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The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God.

Trucker advice

Stupid Money / 29437 VIEWS

After college, Doug worked as a CPA. How'd he end up owning a trucking company? He shares how his education as a CPA helps in his business, and how his ministry is now being the church treasurer.

Episode 1: Jesus The Man

Revolutionary / 28240 VIEWS

Sergio and Oleg look to peel back all the layers of tradition that are part of today's picture of Jesus and look at him simply as a man. From there, a new journey of discovery begins and a fresh picture of Jesus emerges.