All Over Joppa | Episode 11

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When Tabitha passes away, an entire community is shaken. How can we have a greater impact in our communities?

Lesson 3 - A Royal Priesthood (2nd Qtr 2017)

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The Others: Part II | Episode 13

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As Acts 10 continues, we learn that the gospel is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning to accept all people without prejudice.

Lesson 11 - False Teachers (2nd Qtr 2017)

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Good Stress, Bad Stress

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Have you ever found that a certain amount of stress, leaves you with the feeling of being invincible? On the other hand, too much stress leaves you feeling anxious and defeated. Find out what makes the difference, and how to cope with stress.

08 "Who is the Man of Romans 7?"

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Romans 7: The bad vs good in all of us

Yes, I'm a Codependent. Now What?

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Are you so focused on the needs of others, or in fixing others so much that you forget about yourself in the process? Do you ignore your own needs? If so, you may have an emotional condition called codependency. Discover your freedom on this episode!

Lesson 13- Leaders in Israel

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Sunday December 22 - Sabbath December 28

Your Questions Answered-Marriage Woes

Real Family Talk / 19 LIKES

What to do to get your spouse to really listen to your conversation.