Losing Weight after Quarantine - Dr. George Guthrie

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When the quarantine ends, some of us may have a few extra pounds. Watch now to learn how to get to your ideal weight in a natural way.

Assurance of Deliverance-The Prayer of King Hezekiah

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Can we be assured of our deliverance? Let’s take a look at how the Lord has delivered His chosen ones in the past, and we can learn from those experiences and trust that He will do the same for us when we need it.

Lesson 5: Noble Prince of Peace

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Sunday January 24 - Sabbath January 30

Praying for a New Start

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As we start a new year, we make new resolutions. This week on Let’s Pray, we want to start the new year prioritizing prayer.

Queuing Up For Service

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Importance of Purpose - Dr. Ricardo Whyte

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Identify our purpose in life help us to keep a good mental health. Dr. Ricardo Whyte will talk about the three dimensions of purpose.

Praying for Peace

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This week on Let's Pray Let’s Pray, we’ll be Praying for Peace, and will remember the legacy and the prayer life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as his contributions to society.

My Beloved Son: The Baptism of Jesus

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Do father-figures make a difference?

Stoned | Episode 8

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As Stephen is filled with the Spirit, the Sanhedrin becomes filled with rage. Stephen pays a large price to save the temple authorities.