Revelation 5 - Episode 7

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Even innocent, it is a daunting task to face a judge. There you stand before the person with the power to decide your fate. If God was your judge, how would your life stack up? It's another dynamic discussion with Disclosure Live Host, Shawn Boons

"Samson - The Strongest Weak Man" - Episode 19

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Samson is known as the strong man of the Bible, yet his weaknesses were too great.

Go Healthy... For Good! Teen's Substance Abuse

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Teenage drug use is a reality. Young people are experimenting with drugs in large numbers. Nearly 50% of 12th graders have tried illicit drugs. In this episode we hear the story of 14yr old Karoline and her struggle with ilicit drugs.

Go Healthy... For Good! Hypertension

Go Healthy For Good! / 18 LIKES

Hypertension is one of the leading factors in premature death worldwide and the problem is growing. We'll talk about the problem and practical solutions with Dr. Handysides and Dr. Maraj. We'll also look at some foods loaded with sodium.

Elijah and the Small Voice - Episode 5

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When God spoke to Elijah, it wasn't as much about what He said, but how He said it.

Ananias and Sapphira: One Huge Lie - Episode 8

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It was just a lie about property, but God meant business.

Modern Day Prophets - Episode 12

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Does God ever speak directly to the human race like He did in the Bible?

His Money, Her Money

Real Family Talk / 18 LIKES

Some couples need a referee when it comes to money. In this edition we calculate the costs of financial conflicts in marriage and provide tips on how to resolve them. Guests: John and Janice Mathews

Lesson 9 - Marriage: A Gift from Eden

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In the setting of a new world, God created a perfect union. The marriage of two becoming one is a beautiful concept. This week, the HSS team discusses unity in family and in God's church. Guest Teacher: Oleg K.