New Beginnings: The Woman Caught In Adultery

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Is it ever too late to start afresh?

Faith in the Workplace

Global Affairs Today / 0 VIEWS

We don’t leave our faith behind us when we go to work each day. But sometimes accommodating religious practice and belief on the job can be challenging. We explore our rights and responsibilities when it comes to faith in the workplace.

The Cost of Love

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Technology has brought changes to our daily lives. We are now able to perform amazing things, feats unimaginable 15 years ago. Despite the advancements, there is something technology will never be able to replicate – human emotions. Some argue, however, that robots can imitate all forms of human feelings, but Cliff shares deeper thoughts on the matter.

A Heart for Mission

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Brad Mills and his family criss-crossed the jungles of the Amazon on a small boat for 13 years, serving the people of the river in Northwest Brazil through much-needed medical services and more as they ministered and reached many hearts for Jesus. In this episode, Brad shares some of his amazing experiences from this fascinating region of the world.

Who Is My Neighbor: The Story of the Good Samaritan

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What is my responsibility to those around me?

Can the Government Really Do That? Covid Restrictions on Worship

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As governments around the world closed houses of worship in response to Covid-19, many people began to ask: How far can governments legitimately restrict my religious practice? We dig deep into questions about how robust our religious freedoms really are.

A Deeper Reality

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Science is a wonderful tool to explain many aspects of life. But it cannot explain the supernatural. When it comes to the resurrection of Christ, there is a deeper reality that science cannot explain.

Finding Home Through Homelessness

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Growing up in a family filled with insurmountable challenges, Tim found himself homeless and hopeless at the age of 17. But God intervened in the life of this teen through a special family who brought Tim into their home and showed him the reality of God’s love.

Academic Stress

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A recent survey of high school kids shows the pandemic has students more stressed and less engaged in school.