The Hero at 7-Eleven

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Afraid To Even Say The "S" Word

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The Surprise Double-Twist Ending

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The Best Enemy I ever Had

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Acts of Faith: Jesus Heals Jarius' Daughter & Bleeding Woman

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How can being vulnerable make you stronger?

Covid Vaccines and Personal Choice

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As countries around the world roll out COVID-19 vaccination programs, some people are asking: Can the government or my employer force me to have a vaccine I don't want? We explore the many questions around vaccines and civil rights.

Confessions of a Science Denier

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Cliff admits in this episode that he is in fact a science denier. He explains his reasons as to why, and under the right circumstances, a science denier is not a bad thing to be.

Lesson 1: What Happened?

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Sunday March 28 - Sabbath April 3

God--The Greatest Neuroscientist

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Dr. Jan Cabungcal is a top neuroscientist working at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Raised by his grandparents in the Philippines, at age 11 he joined his parents in Europe, where he later studied neuroscience. Dr. Jan’s work was greatly enriched after attending life-changing meetings in Bern, and today he has a passion for igniting a spirit of revival and mission among the youth of Europe.